An unusual cellular phone built by Garmin.
This unit is a cool combination of an analog phone (AMPS) and a GPS reciever. The GPS part is already loaded with a suprisingly detailed street map and is capable of most all popular navigation functions, like making routes, creating and storing tracks, calculating fuel usage, etc. Since it's phone is ananlog, it lacks some digital features like caller id, advanced voice mail and multiline conversations. However it does have speed dial and keeps a log of unanswered calls.

One neat feature (which I've disabled) is the ability to call the phone and with a computer or another Navtalk and download it's GPS info (MY location). Another feature can, for an extra service fee, will allow you to hold down a button and the unit will automatically send your location to emergency services, which will dispatch help to wherever you are.

There is another version of the phone that recently came out that allows communication while in an airplane. Not sure how this one works though.

Like all technological forerunners, it is a bit big and heavy. The battery life is not the best and accessories are hard to get. The keypad is always exposed and it's easy to hit buttons by accident, even when it's in it's holster. So I always lock the phone, to keep it from dialing by accident. Non-gadget people like to make fun of it, I just tell them it's ahead of it's time. After all, in a few years All cell phones will have GPS capability.

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