The GNS 430 is a combo aviation panel mount GPS/NAV/COMM unit made by Garmin. Basically, it kicks ass. It has a 16 color 5" diagonal screen that displays navdata or a moving map. It is fully approach certified, and can even display approaches on the moving map. The COMM capability is also impressive. For example, if you see an airport on the moving map, and need the communication frequency, just use the cursor controller, select the airport, and press the CRSR button, and the COMM frequency is zapped to the standby box in the COMM area of the display. Amazing. The unit's are made to work in tandem, so you can have navdata on one display and a moving map on the other or any other combination of diplays. The unit, for all it's capability is still far easier to use than the now inferior Bendix/King 89 series of GPS's. The only problem is it's price and availability. The unit goes for just a hair under 15,000 dollars, but remember it replaces 3 different units. The unit brings some FMS capability to GA without the million dollar price tags of real FMS systems. Garmin is changing the aviation world with this unit, and continues to with the recent addition of the GNS 530, a larger and improved 430.

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