The GI Crawl is the American English term for an activity familiar to infantrymen everywhere. It involves lying on your stomach, holding a rifle (or other weapon) off the ground/out of the mud/above the water by keeping your elbows on the ground and the hands up in the air to hold the weapon. Then, move forward by kicking with your legs (using the sides of the knees for purchase) and 'pulling' yourself forward with your elbows and upper arms on the ground.

In films depicting military basic training, the scenes where recruits are moving on the ground, usually under barbed wire with machine-gun fire zipping over their heads - this is what it means to do the GI crawl.

Useful as a civilian when playing Paintball or lazer tag, or trying to sneak into someplace that has its motion sensors or photoelectrics set up a foot off the ground. Adored by laundry detergent companies worldwide.

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