GCFL stands for the Good, Clean Funnies List. The Good, Clean Funnies List is a moderated distribution list and web page made available free from any membership fees to the international Internet community that sends out one good, clean joke a day. The web page address is http://GCFL.net .

The GCFL sends what the editors deem to be good, clean jokes or stories. By good we mean something that at least one of our staff finds funny. This does not mean that you will find it funny, as different members have a different sense of humor than you.

We define clean as something that is appropriate for sharing with both sexes, family members and friends. No foul language. No foul subject matter. We would be willing to share it with someone that we respect.

The GCFL was founded in December of 1996 by John Price, the mailing list maintainer. This list was started because after much searching, a list could not be found that 1. only sent out clean jokes, and 2. that only sent one per day. Since then others have joined in the effort to distribute good, clean funnies to people that can enjoy them. This effort has materialized into what we call GCFL and has grown into tens of thousands of members.

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