The title of the original soundtrack for the movie "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (カウボーイ・ビボップ:天国の扉)

(c)2001 Victor Entertainment

This disc, like the other soundtrack CDs for Bebop, show how far above and beyond Sunrise went with the production of the show. Featuring songs written and performed often long before the movie was created, Future Blues is arugably the best of the Bebop soundtracks.

The soundtrack for the movie actually consists of 2 discs, each available seperately. The first disc was a mini-album released shortly before the full soundtrack, called AskDNA. The first release of Future Blues was a limited edition run that included a mini-cd (6cm) which contained tracks from the TV series that had not previously been released, known as the Cowgirl Ed OST. This disc is now out of production, and is considered a fair rarity.

As with the original soundtracks, all of the songs, music, and coordination were handled by Yoko Kanno (菅野よう子), along with the Seatbelts (シートベルツ), a band created spontaneously for the production of the music of Bebop.

Ask DNA Mini-Album
  1. What Planet is This? (Ask DNA Mix)
  2. Ask DNA
  3. Cosmic Dare (Pretty with a Pistol]
  4. Hamduche*
  5. Is it Real?

All of the above songs are available only on the mini-album, though this CD is not a limited edition release and is available today.

I'll include a short explanation of the song here if it lacks lyrics. I'll node any song that includes lyrics, since most are in eigo AND include a nihongo translation.

Cowboy Bebop
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
O.S.T. Future Blues

  1. 24hours OPEN (3:21)
    - This song is a wild one, it opens and closes with cheezy musak-style "music", and all the while features the sounds of gunfire, people screaming, and towards the end many sirens, alarms, and stray gunshots.

  2. Pushing the sky (4:07)

  3. Time to know ~ Be waltz (3:49)
    - This is a great song, which although it includes lyrics I cannot find them (or understand them reliably) to add them. Once I do, this will be hardlinked (and this comment will disappear).

  4. Clutch (5:15)

  5. MUSAWE* (3:28)
    - One of 3 songs that includes some form of Arabic (I've not studied it, not sure which dialect). Wonderful songs no less.

  6. Yo pumpkin head (4:04)
    - My personal favorite. Makes you want to just dance to it.

  7. Diggin' (5:05)

  8. 3.14 (1:37)

  9. What planet is this?! (4:30)
    - This is a different, most noticeably longer, mix of the same song as on the mini-album.
  10. 7minutes (6:46)
    - I can't explain it, but I think this goes along with a good part of the movie.

  11. Fingers (4:24)

  12. Powder (1:30)

  13. Butterfly (4:57)

  14. No reply (5:59)

  15. Dijurido (1:55)

  16. Gotta knock a little harder (5:19)

  17. No money* (1:06)

  18. Rain (3:23)
    - This track was a little extra thrown in by Kanno-san from the TV series (episode 5)

Album production notes: (All names are romanized in the booklet, so I have no way of knowing the Kanji)

Recording & Mixing: Yabuhara Masashi
Recorded by: Iyobe Tomiji, James Nichols, and Phil Burnett
Recorded at: Victor Studio, Soundcity Studio, Crescente (Tokyo), Soundtrack Studio, Riversound Studio (N.Y.)
Mastered by: George Marino (Sterling Sound Studio in N.Y.)
Co-produced by: Ota Toshiaki (Borderline Inc.), Sasaki Shiro (Victor)
N.Y. Recording Co-ordinated by: Cherry Kaoru Husley
Directed by: Inoue Yukako (Victor)
Promoted by: Ito Shosei (Victor)
Art direction, Design & Photographs: triple-O

Film Staff

Directed by Watanabe Shinichiro
Screenplay by Nobumoto Keiko
Character design: Kawamoto Toshihiro
Audio director: Kobayashi Katsuyoshi (A.P.U)
Mixed by Yabuhara Masashi
Animation production: BONES, Inc.
* Anyone who knows what he's saying (or can find a translation/romanization) please send me a message!

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