A popular menu item at Australian school canteens and tuck shops.

A Funny Face is an iceblock (UK - ice lolly), made from some kind of sugar, water, and large amounts of artificial colours and flavours. Funny Faces are categorised by their colour ('get us a blue Funny Face') rather than their flavour (eg, blue Funny Faces are labelled as being 'lemonade' flavoured).

Funny Faces are long, sometimes squashed and dented cylinders, contained in a clear plastic wrapper on which is printed a distorted 'funny face' - hence the name.

Funny Faces are the cheap option for those wanting a cold sweet fix, but who can't afford the luxury of a Choc Wedge or Paddlepop. One can gain instant popularity by possessing sufficient change to purchase multiple Funny Faces, particularly in hot weather.

If only one Funny Face is available, you may elect to allow close friends to put the plastic in their mouth and bite off a chunk of soft slushy ice through the plastic, before closing their teeth gently and slowly withdrawing the wrapper, squeezing the icy morsel into their mouth (along with an amount of melted 'Funny Face juice'). This is the way you would eat your own Funny Face, and allowing another person to do the same is almost akin to giving them a good tonguey.

Good friends (but not close friends) may snap off a piece by bending the wrapper at a strategic point. Holding the unbroken portion of Funny Face firmly twixt thumb and forefinger, they tip the wrapper upside-down over their open mouth and allow the broken portion to fall in. Touching the plastic with your lips or tongue is simply not on.

Friends have to put up with the owner of the Funny Face using the 'good friends' method, but upending the wrapper into their cupped hands rather than their mouths.

Some elect to allow the Funny Face to melt in its plastic before tearing off a corner with their teeth and drinking the coloured liquid from within. Your humble author frowns upon such tomfoolery.

Empty Funny Faces wrappers may be filled with water from a convenient bubbler, which can then by consumed or thrown at schoolmates of the opposite sex.

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