An electronic music project consisting of Michael Fakesch and Chris de Luca. Known for their complex beats and interesting sounds/melodies, often reminding people of Autechre. Not to mention some really twisted acidic and aggressive noise.

Apart from releasing records on their own label Musik aus Strom, their music has also been featured on labels like Acid Planet, Bunker, Compost and currently !K7.

Like Mika Vainio, another "big" name in experimental electronic music, Funkstörung has collaborated with Björk. They remixed her song All Is Full of Love for the Fat Cat label.

Funkstörung consists of Michael Fakesh and Chris De Luca.

They made their earliest debut in the mid to early 90's, with a series of records on the Acid Planet label that contained mostly house and acid house tracks. Later, Funkstörung expanded into a more Autechre-ish sound, with the Breakart EP on Musik Aus Strom and the Post Art EP on Chocolate Industries.

Their first record to get a relatively major release in the US was "Additional Productions", which is a compilation of remixes that Funkstörung did which truly represent Funkstörung more than they do the respective artists. Notable remixes on this record include those of a Bjork song, a Wu-Tang Clan song, and a truly inspired remix of the East Flatbush Project's "Tried by 12".

1999 saw Funkstörung release a full length LP of their own material, expanding on the rap/singing/IDM that worked so well on Additional Productions. This release is called "Appetite for Disctruction".

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