The Fully Informed Jurors Association is exactly that. In the United States everyone (barring a very specific type of peace officer) can end up being called for jury duty, thus we are all potential jurors, even when we are not called for jury duty. Many people have legitimate exemptions, for example, being the sole caretaker of someone who is senile or who can't take care of themselves, and many people scramble to come up with a decent excuse to get an exemption including demeaning themselves by claiming to be racially prejudiced against all races but theirs.

The Fully Informed Jurors Association offers a different possibility. They prefer to inform people as to their constitutional rights as a juror, especially as to their right to abstain from voting one way or another on a case that revolves around a law that they find unjust.

Where most people want to get out of this "annoying requirement", the FIJA wants to present the option that Jury Duty is a "rare oppurtunity" to exercise an option to change the system in some small way.

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