There lies a beast within us all. It is a beast of many things - hope, hatred, loyalty, faith, knowledge- to name a just a few. But in anyone who has ever tried to express themselves, there lies the beast. Everyone has felt it's incredible pull - it literally takes you over. Many call it the Beast of Art, but to most of us, it is simply the beast.

It lies dormant most of the time. But once in a while, more often for some than others, it comes awake. You cannot control it. Whatever outlet you have - be it writing, painting, sculpting - you are riveted to that outlet. And, as if possessed, you churn out some of the best work you have ever done. You have no control over it - it simply happens. This is what we have all come to know as "The beast."

No one knows exactly what causes this beast to appear - passion, perhaps, luck, God. But when you get fuel it - for the sake of the world. Perhaps you will create the next Michaelangelo or write the Hamlet. Don't fight it, for while the beast maybe scary, it is good. And lastly.....

      f      e           t      e          e      s                  i      h       n .      .       .       .
      u      l           h           b      a      t        w       t       i         .       .      .

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