A group of villains published by Marvel Comics. The characters were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four #36.

The Frightful Four was originally a group of former villains of the Fantastic Four who banded together in hopes of defeating them. Lead by the Wizard, a scientist with an arsenal of high-tech weapons, the original group was:

  • the Sandman, a villain with the ability to turn himself into sand
  • the Trapster, a villain with an arsenal of weapons that shoot sticky and encasing substances. The villain's original name was Paste-Pot Pete.
  • Medusa, a member of the royal family of the Inhumans with the ability to move and control her hair. Medusa was suffering from amnesia and wandered away from her family. She was recruited by the Wizard for his team.
The group attacked the Fantastic Four on a number of occasions but were always defeated.

Eventually, Medusa regained her memory and returned to her home with her people. The membership of the group has changed over the years to include:

  • Hydro Man, a villain with the ability to convert his body to water
  • Thundra, an extra-dimensional warrior woman with super-strength from a society where women are the dominant sex
  • Electro, a villain with the ability to generate bolts of electricity and one of the ugliest costumes in all of the Marvel Universe
  • Titania, female powerhouse with a strength rivaling that of the Thing
  • Klaw, a villain whose body is composed of solid sound, giving him the ability to create solid sound projections.
  • Dragon Man, an artificial lifeform, with super-strength and fiery breath
Probably, the oddest member of the Frightful Four has been the Brute. Possessing superstrength and a high degree of resistance to harm, the Brute was a large purple humanoid. What made the Brute unusual was that he was Reed Richards' counterpart from another Earth.

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