From The Thorough Good Cook

Soup: 9. French Brown Soup (Brunoise)

To clear broth (No. 2) add carrots and turnips, cut into dice, straws, or like small pears, etc., and first slightly fried and drained if young ; if old, blanched. Soak toasted sippets in a basin of broth, and put them into the tureen after the soup. is dished, lest they crumble and spoil the clearness of the soup. This is essential whenever bread is used. Skim off the fat. from the tureen and serve. You may cut leeks and celery in lozenges, the turnips and carrots in ribands, and with these cooked, you have a second kind of Julienne soup. If gravy-soup is not sufficiently clear, it may be improved by the whites of two or three eggs, well whisked, being boiled up with it before it is strained a second time. This is one of the "secrets of the kitchen " with which all experienced cooks should be familiar; if there be any impurities in the soup, they will gather in a kind of ragged ball about the whites of the eggs, and this ball you throw away

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