Is that roast beef sandwich too dry? Are you suffering from the bologna blues? Maybe that hot dog doesn't cut the mustard? Then try putting some French's Classic Yellow Mustard on it today! French's uses only pure ingredients, crafting a delicious time-tested mustard from distilled vinegar, water, the highest grade mustard seeds, and traditional spices like turmeric and paprika. The result is a mustard that is sweet, but sharp (plus a little spicy!!!), and flavorful, but light, with zero calories per serving! It's everything you'd expect from mustard and then some.

It all started when Francis French told his elder brother George that he wanted "a new kind of pure, prepared mustard." It was the turn of the 19th century, a time of rapid advancement for mankind, the twilight of the brilliant Industrial Age. Having been founded in 1883, French's was already quite renowned for its spices. Now, it was to be known to be known for its excellent condiments, which would be aided by French's robust collection of spices. With a sense of grim determination and true American grit, Francis told George that French's mustard "would have a ready and wide sale... even if it costs $10 a gallon." That was quite a sum for those days.

Francis decided to debut his new mustard, which he would sell as French's Cream Salad Mustard, at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in 1904, an event more popularly referred to as the St. Louis World's Fair. It was a hit. With the fair bringing hot dogs and hamburgers to the broader American public for the very first time, it was no wonder why French's mustard was so popular with attendees! Over 20 million visited the fair, and most of them left with a hankering for more French's Cream Salad Mustard. By the "roaring twenties," French's Cream Salad Brand had yearly sales of over $5 million, mostly thanks to word of mouth. They didn't even have to advertise. People loved French's.

Today, you can buy French's Cream Salad Mustard in your local supermarkets and mom and pop stores as French's Classic Yellow Mustard. While the times may have changed, Americans' appreciation of natural ingredients remains the same. As a personal aside, I have yet to find French's mustard disagreeable on a sandwich. I'm sure there must be exceptions, but I haven't ate any of them. In fact, I'm eating a roast beef sandwich with French's on it right now!

"French's is the perfect, all-natural way to add zing to tried-and-true family favorites. No matter what the occasion—cookouts, picnics, family gatherings— French's Mustard brightens the moment with every bite."

Sounds like paradise.


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