(1855-1931) Socialist cousin of Edward Bellamy, who described a cradle-to-grave paternalist socialism in his book about Rip Van Winkle, Looking Backward. He was a staunch opponent of free immigration and capitalism. He advocated a huge militaristic expansionist government which would run all of the schools (like it does today) and as much of industry of possible. He saw public schools as a tool for creating a mindless, nationalistic America free of cultural diversity.

Wrote the original Pledge of Allegiance for a children's magazine (The Youth's Companion, a zine that also introduced "America the Beautiful"), to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus' "discovery" of America. Got President Harrison to sign a proclamation encouraging the teaching of patriotism (via the Pledge, the flying of the US flag, etc) in schools. The Bellamys, et al, also inspired/influenced the Progressive reforms of Theodore Roosevelt.

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