When I was in the high school band we had a little cheer that we did at football games called "The Four Qs." A leader would say "Gimmie a Q!" and the band would answer "Q!" and then the leader would say "Gimmie a Q!," and so on, for four times. At the end the leader said "What do ya got?" and the band would yell "Four Qs!"

The band was pretty big and when we all yelled "Four Qs" in our thick southern accents, it sounded like "Four Qs" from our side of the field--- just a goofy cheer--- but from the other side of the field with the distortion it sounded like...well, I got in trouble for leading it the first time the band director heard it from the other side. We were all given a lecture about "showing class."

Fortunately, it was the last game of my senior year. We had been doing it for at least five years. He he he. We were such cool band geeks.

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