Forgotten Dialect is a Portland, OR based hip-hop crew consisting of 8:35, Hius, Kaera One, Spe, Chaze, Tragic, Savant and Abyss. Their music is introspective, laid-back, but dead serious, focusing on everything from conscious themes to flights of imagination, building on experiences common to West Coast/Northwest hip-hop heads.

Beats and lyrics from all members of the group are highly original. The collective has released a few albums now, including a great full-length tape/CD by Kaera One and DJ Void. Raw freight styles on the album covers are a nice touch, too.

You can find their music at, and sells that previously mentioned Kaera One tape. Highly recommended for any underground heads.

After a few CD releases from Kaer aka El Criatura, 8:35 and the overall crew, Portland's Forgotten Dialect dissolved as a crew while its members continued on their own projects and their own directions by 2003.

In 2011, 8:35 and Bloodmoney (formerly "Relentless") revived the crew in the form of Forgotten Dialect Recordings, an independent record label whose first release was Bloodmoney's "Wake the Dead" EP, available for digital download at and

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