these people on quests for the holy grail of christ, the fountain of eternal youth, embodied in this century by geek multimillionaires who drink of the stock market and are rewarded with endless wealth, really bother me.

they fail to understand that accumulation of material wealth is a short-sighted, selfish and ultimately pointless exercise. all the real pleasure in this world comes from other-worldly sources, things like sweet hacks, great sex and strong relationships. money can't buy you those things, they can buy you plastic imitations of those things, but the plastic imitations are cold lifeless and dead.

face it people, who're computer geeks, we are the golden children of our generation, a generation born and raised in a very materially rich culture. we're not going to starve. our children aren't going to starve. our girlfriends/boyfriends, husbands/wives and children are infinitely more likely to starve themselves or die from obesity related diseases than starve from lack of access to food. they need us to be physically and emotionally present more than they need us to earn even more money we don't have time to spend.

drink of the fountain of clues ye geeks that you may see the light.

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