Forest Fires Collective is a hip hop rap group from California. The group stems from another group called "The Latter", with members Feller Quentin & Eddie Vic. FFC is these two and more pals with members:

.Mad Squirrel
.Smif Carnivorous
.Prego w/Zest
.Edison Victrola
.Dr. Lester
.Smoke Bear
.Hey Hey

They are a humorous group of rappers, talking about forest fires, innerforest relations of Squirrels and Bees, Vegan restaurants, Napoleon Bonaparte, German WWI kaisers (Mad Squirrel is studying in college majoring in History) and Mutant Moose insider trading.

They have three releases, a self-titled debut, a 'You Can't See...' follow up and a collectors 12" called 'Fresh Air'

The music is made from sampled jazz, orchestral, country and folk records, featuring drunken sounding drum playing, banjos, classical string compositions, guitar and what not.

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