The Forest Circus, also known as the US Forest Service, is an organization known for doing such strange things as selling trees for $1.00, buying land in order for Los Angeles to be able to steal water, building interpretive centers and such on habitat of endangered species, etc. I worked for a company the forest service was paying lots of money to prove that rivers were healthier when they had water in them. They practice excessive fire supression (see why smokey bear is wrong and encourage non-sustainable logging of the forests they supposedly protect. In Los Angeles, several 'national' forests actually started making people pay to get in, so that the poor people wouldnt litter up the canyons, or something. Nevertheless, they do own a lot of land in the western US which is nice to visit, and you can camp anywhere you want. If you go out there in late summer beware the deer hunters, some of them have bad aim.

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