"nanka onaka suite kita-"
translation: I'm getting a little hungry

"onaka sukanai?"
translation: are you/you all hungry?

"nani taberuno?"
translation: what do you want to eat?

"nani tabeyo-ka?"
translation: what should we eat?

"nanini shiyou kana?"
translation: hmm...let me think about it...

translation: this is good

"nani kore?!" (and you look disgusted!)
translation: what is this?! (ugh!)

translation: this is gross!

"a-kongetsuno okozukai sukunain dayone-"
translation: Ohh..man I didn't get that much allowance this month!

"a-kochimo bimbo-dayo" (bimbo = beembo)
translation: ohh..I'm poor too!

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