Let me start by saying that I care about her. I do.

I should probably also make it clear that I didn't kill her, I didn't meet her until after she was dead.

Around 0300 on a Saturday morning, I was up writing, I heard a loud crash. I thought it was someone in the apartment next to mine slamming their window, hard. It made me jump, believe it or not something about the sound was strange, but I just kept writing. What else to do? I looked out of my window, but it was dark. I couldn't see her, but she was there.

Two hours later and the doorbell rings. I open up and see my apartment building's ajosshi standing there with a crying woman and two paramedics.

I should probably also make it clear that people off themselves here all the time.
It's uncommon, but by no means unheard of, to encounter a dead stranger.

This is why it didn't take a huge intuitive leap to realise what that crash had been. There was a young dead girl lying on the wide ledge that runs along one side of the building outside my fourth floor window.

There's no access to this ledge except through the apartment windows, so I let them use mine. They'd knocked on everybody's door but I was the only person awake. Myself and the ajosshi took the window off its hinges (it's one of those swing-out ones that don't open wide enough to climb outside, the dead girl must have either broken her window or done the same thing we did) so we could all go outside. The crying woman didn't come with us.

Dead people lie very very still.

More paramedics and police turned up. I just tried to stay out of the way, help when I could, and answer their questions.

At one point I checked outside the window and saw that she had been stripped naked, for medical assessment I think. There wasn't a lot of blood, just a small dark pool near her head. There were maybe a dozen of us there now, and we all felt sad that a young woman had killed herself.

I don't know much about her, but I'm sorry she's dead.

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