Fo"gy (?), n.; pl. Fogies (&?;).

A dull old fellow; a person behind the times, over-conservative, or slow; -- usually preceded by old. [Written also fogie and fogey.] [Colloq.]

Notorious old bore; regular old fogy.

⇒ The word is said to be connected with the German vogt, a guard or protector. By others it is regarded as a diminutive of folk (cf. D. volkje). It is defined by Jamieson, in his Scottish Dictionary, as "an invalid or garrison soldier," and is applied to the old soldiers of the Royal Hospital at Dublin, which is called the Fogies' Hospital. In the fixed habits of such persons we see the origin of the present use of the term. Sir F. Head.


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Fo"gy (?), n. (Mil.)

In the United States service, extra pay granted to officers for length of service. [Colloq.]


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