FnordKu, by General Frenetics, Discorporated, is a program which uses words out of the Principia Discordia to generate randomized haiku. Usually, the resulting output is in the proper 5/7/5 syllable format; sometimes it is not. Sometimes it makes no sense whatsoever, and sometimes it makes way too much sense. Sometimes it's amusing, sometimes it's disinformatively informative, sometimes it's even terrifying. It is truly the best implement for capturing the inner thoughts of the universe's /dev/random. Some examples of FnordKu:

malleable so'n soft
anthropologists ol' he
pepper's asked rhythm

das weddings fray your
hooves sayings vindicated grasp
indicating stash

moby arise
revitalizes victim
discussion mail great

You can find FnordKu in several versions at http://www.lodz.pdi.net/~eristic/erisware.html

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