The Oberlin Flying Horsecows are Oberlin College's Ultimate Frisbee team. They have been in existence since the Seventies, and have gone to Nationals 4 times in the 90s - '92, '94, '97, '99. The Horsecows are in the Ohio-Kentucky-West Virginia section of the Great Lakes Region of the UPA. They finished 3rd at the 2000 regionals tournament with an overall ranking of 51. The current captains of the Flying Horsecows are Nick Dent '01 and Kristian Whitsett '01. Every year the Horsecows host the Great Lakes Open tournament, which was held last year in Toledo. The Horsecows can be found on the web at The website includes a roster, records of games, and writeups by players and reporters for the school newspaper about the Horsecows, so if you're interested in any of that stuff, please go check it out.
We practice pretty much every day in North Fields, and in the winter we go into Johnes Field House. If you're ever in Oberlin, come out and watch us play or practice with us.

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