Flogsta lies in the western end of Uppsala, about where Luthagsesplenaden becomes Enköpingsvägen. There are a lot of student corridors in the tall buildings of Flogsta höghus and quite a few student apartments in the part of Flogsta known as Hamberg or Flogsta låghus.

It is a nice place to live. The local store, previously known as ICA Väst, is open most hours of the day. Systembolaget in Stenhagen is not far away, and within 15 minutes you can reach the centre of Uppsala by bus or bike.

It's also close to Hågadalen, a place very suitable for nice walks in the beatiful forests. Hågadalen also features rune carvings from the days of the Vikings, and even older graves including Hågahögen, the grave mound of an unknown king.

Flogsta is affectionately called "Floggan" or simply "The Ghetto" by its inhabitants.

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