A person who derives sexual pleasure from surprising complete strangers by exposing themselves. A subspecies of an exhibitionist.

The stereotypical flasher is a dirty old man in a wrinkled, smelly mackintosh and pant legs (the lower half of a pair of pants, cut off at the knee and held up with a rubber band or elastic) who walks around town, flashing all of the girls and women he sees; but it can also be the woman who wears a too short skirt and no panties.

Flash"er (?), n.


One who, or that which, flashes.


A man of more appearance of wit than reality.

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3. Zool. (a)

A large sparoid fish of the Atlantic coast and all tropical seas (Lobotes Surinamensis).


The European red-backed shrile (Lanius collurio); -- called also flusher.


© Webster 1913.

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