Five Crowns is a rummy like game from Set Enterprises. The deck is a modification of the standard 52 card deck:

As with other rummy games, the object is to obtain the lowest number of points. The full game of Five Crowns is 11 hands.

In the first hand, 3 cards are dealt. In each following hand, an additional card is delt (there are 13 cards held on the 11th hand). Following the deal, the remaining cards are placed in the center of the table forming a stock. The top card of the stock is fliped over to start the discard pile.


The current wild card is the number of cards in the hand. Hence, on the first hand, 3's are wild. On the last hand kings are wild. Jokers are always wild.

The player to the left of the dealer goes fist. Play continues clockwise. As with all rummy games, the basic play is draw one card, discard one card. The draw may be either from the top of the discard pile or the stock. The turn is finished by discard a card. It is only allowed to lay cards on the table when going out or, in turn, after a player has gone out.

When a player is able to go out, the remaining players each have one last turn Each remaining player, in turn, plays a round. The player will then lay down all the runs or books, discard one card, and count the points remaining in the hand. It is not allowed to play on another player's books or runs. The only value counted is those cards left unused.

Deal passes to the player on the dealer's left and the next hand is dealt. The number of cards dealt increases by one by one and the wild card changes as described above. Play continues until kings are wild. Low score wins.

Going Out
After drawing a card, if a player can arrange all the cards in the hand into books or runs with one card remaining, that player lays the cards down and discards the one card to go out. The discard may be a card that could have been played on the cards laid down.

A book consists of 3 or more cards of the same rank, regardless of suit. 8C, 8S, 8H or KH, KD, KH, KS. Any card in a book may be replaced by a wild card. If 8s are wild, a book could be 8H, QH, QS. You can have as many wild cards in a book as you wish.

A run is a sequence of 3 or more cards in the same suit. One example of this is 5C, 6C, 7C or 9S, 10S, JS, QS. Any card in the run may be replaced by a wild card. If 7s are wild, a valid run could be made from 9D, 7C, JD. You may have as many wild cards in a run as possible (and they may be adjacent to each other).

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