I have started a work of fiction. I am making it up as I go along pretty much, though have a skeleton story-line of sorts in my mind. I thought this (E2) would be the medium to practice my literary attempts, and see what reaction there was.

The following are parts of the story - not really chapters as such. To include a chapter of a book as a single write up would make for a node that is too long. Instead I have broken it up into blocks of paragraphs, and named each.

Please have a read. Feel free to /msg me with thoughts/comments/suggestions.

In order to get a feeling for how far through people read, if you +vote, or -vote, or even C! one of them, do the same for each that you read. That way, not only do I get a feel for the reaction to the content, but also how far through you get before giving up and browsing elsewhere.

Oh yeah, and if you come up with a title, /msg me - all realistic/nice/non-silly suggestions will go into the draw for an all expenses paid (spending money included less tax, commission, interest fees, package and post, insurance, bribe monies and other incidentals) trip to the bathroom. The winner’s title will be used on the book which I will be made famous for, and their name emblazoned on the inside cover in white ink on the white paper for all to squint and hold at different angles to try and make out what it says.

So, without further ado, I present to you: insert title here

...more to come...

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