The Firecons were a small group of tiny Decepticon Transformers added in 1988, all of which transformed from a tiny bipedal monster (about the size of the earliest Autobot minibots) which could be laid on their chest and rolled along the ground. Similar to their counterparts the Sparkabots, they had a push-and-go motor connected to the wheel on their chest which was also connected to a spark shooter which shot "flames" out of the monster's mouth.

The Firecons were possibly the least attractive Transformers made to date -- too much space in the tiny toy was devoted to the motor/sparker mechanism and not enough to the toy's transformation, and to make matters worse, they all looked nearly identical in both modes. This, combined with the absence of a cartoon featuring the toys in either America or Japan, led to a minimal demand for these toys which exists even in today's collector's market.

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