Fifth album by the death metal band Soilwork. Released in 2003 on the label Nuclear Blast, Figure Number Five was produced solely by Soilwork. It was mixed by the same person as their last album, Natural Born Chaos, Fredrik Norstrom. Recorded at Studio Fredman and Dug Out Studios in late 2002.

Cover artwork done by their former keyboardist Carlos Holmberg, who was the same person who did the cover for A Predator's Portrait.

This album is more melodic than their past ones, but still sounds similar to Natural Born Chaos. Also like Natural Born Chaos is that both have a song that sticks out from the rest. On Natural Born Chaos it was Soilwork's Song of the Damned, here it is Departure Plan. Both are (more) subdued than the rest of the album with the lyrics playing the larger part.


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