So, you want to be a rebel ? (and you even have a cause!) You think the world needs changing. You’d like to be fighting the system. Well, you have two options:

Fight from the outside in
- you’ll have no money or power
- laws and social conventions will inhibit your actions
- you’ll be outnumbered
- the popular media may villainize you
- you may have to resort to violence to make your point (thus making you a villain anyway)
- You will be frustrated and that will fuel the anger for action of you and those who choose to help you.

Fight from the inside out
- you’ll have money and power at your disposal
- laws and social conventions will be the tools you bend to serve your cause
- you’ll be a “member” of a majority
- the popular media may villainize you anyway when they find out what’s up
- you may be able to achieve your goal nonviolently (Thus making you a good guy in the long run)
- absolute power corrupts absolutely (In other words you might lose sight of the struggle and become complaisant)

There are many good reasons to pick option two. The biggest question for rebels with a cause is: How do you get into the system in the first place?

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