51 fragments -
But few words each
Yet somehow, together
They made my heart weep

You must have been frantic
Your words ran right through
Your 51 messages told me
Your thoughts, and the truth

In a rush of emotions
You knew what it meant
To painfully need someone,
Hard though, to admit...

No, I was not there..
I just happened by
I was there just to see if you
still tried to hide

51 shattering sentences there
I found on my screen
I only could stare
And I could not read them
          without my whole being

But you hardly gave me
A chance to reply
I sent you 6 messages
Then off you did fly

How could I compete?
You had already laid
          your heart out by my feet
51 statements, your argument made

I had only 6 messages,
So I sent my best
That night I made poetry,
At your behest

51messages, more than enough
You made me fall harder
You brought back my luck
No, I could not fight it...
               I could not even try

Your words won me over
All over again -
For 51 pieces,
I let you back in.

- AlexZander

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