A Saturday Night Live skit starring Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin as two Eastern European brothers who have dedicated themselves to assimilating into American society. Alternately referred to as the Czech brothers, this label is in fact inaccurate since the brothers are Bratislava natives, which is today part of Slovakia.

Clad in tight plaid pants, Hawaiian shirts, and flashy gold chains, Yortuk and Georg Festrunk are a gentle parody of the attempts of some recent immigrants to emulate Americans. Rather than just walk across a room, the Festrunks possess a distinctive gait which they refer to as "swingin'". Their main objective is simply to find some "hot American foxes" to sleep with them at their "swinging bachelor pad".

An SNL predecessor of the Butabi brothers (see A Night at the Roxbury), they attempt to achieve this objective by spouting garbled American sayings like "you and what army?" and "this really bums me up" in ways which are usually hilariously out of context. This is often followed by their famous catchphrase "we are two wild and crazy guys", which they generally will proceed to demonstrate by executing some American disco moves.

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