A Ferrari supercar built from 1988-1989, both to celebrate Ferrari's 40th aniversary, and to reclaim the title of World's Fastest Production Roadcar from the Porsche 959. It is generaly agreed to have a top speed of just over 200 mph. 1400 were built, originaly selling at about £200,000, though at one point, lack of supply and massive demand meant they changed hands for over half a million quid.

Engine: 2936cc V8 twin turbo
Power: 478 bhp @ 7000rpm
Chassis: Steel & composites
Top speed: 201 mph
Acceleration: 0-60, 4.1 s; 0-100, 7.6 s
I found that it was introduced in 1987

Top Speed in kph: 324
Brakes: Vented Disc
Brake caliper front/rear: 8 cylinders 26/30 / 4 cylinders 35/44
Curb Weight: 1100kg
Length: 4.43m
Width: 1.98m
Height: 1.13m
Wheelbase: 2.45m
Tires: 245/40ZR17 / 335/35ZR17

The body was made out of Carbon Kevlar and Nomex and had an adjustable rear spoiler. The engine also had 4DOHC (Dual OverHead Camsafts).

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