In a 1994 Kids in the Hall sketch, a game show conducted entirely in an unidentified, probably northern European, language (judging by the audience shots), in which contestants wearing oven mitts feel objects inside boxes and attempt to guess what the items are. Those who fail get a bucket with a frowning face on it put over their heads. The hosts are Valda Kredna (played by Kevin McDonald) and Vanya Schimtz (a woman). In the sketch, Mark McKinney's recurring character, the rather prissy Darill Vosnick who is usually shown speaking English in Toronto, is one of the contestants. The "Nederlander Foot Choir" (a group of people who put wooden shoes on their hands, stick only the shoes out from under a curtain, and clomp in rhythm), are also featured to fill in the time while the contestants examine their objects. Darill beats the old man who was the previous champion, as well as a young boy, to win a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.


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