SF anarchist punk band, or if not SF then SF Bay Area. They had an album called Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?. Another cool Feederz slogan: "Home Taping is Killing The Music Industry--Keep Up The Good Work!" Frank Discussion was the name of one of the guys in this punk rock band, I think he was the main songwriter and singer, but not sure.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona; the lineup in those days consisted of Frank Discussion (guitar, vocals), Art Nouveau (drums), and Clear Bob (bass). Discussion moved to San Francisco, California in 1981 and recorded the above-mentioned album with a re-formed Feederz (including DH Peligro, also of the Dead Kennedys). The album (released in 1983) had a sandpaper cover so it would damage any other record it came in contact with, a nod to a situationist book published in the same way several decades before. The band broke up for good a few years after recording their second album, Teachers In Space (a reference to the Challenger space shuttle disaster).

Update: A re-formed Feederz released an album in 2003 entitled Vandalism: Beautiful As A Rock In A Cop's Face.

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