The main character in the movie Bamboozled, a TV executive, had FEED THE IDIOT BOX written on masking tape across his large wide screen TV. I saw the irony of this like everyone else, but then realized just how true it is. So for the rest of the year at school I did the same on my TV in my dorm room.

Through out the year I'd be watching a show I made a point to see like, The Simpsons or the local news, but instead of just keep on watching TV like I usually do, I'd just turn it off. Thirty minutes of my life was devoted to reading a classic or chatting with friends rather than watching some show I had no interest in in the first place- like Wheel Of Fortune or Friends. Lying on my death bed, I know I'll smile at the fact that I had used my time here for something other than a staring at a box with a light bulb inside for hours and hours even though I was absolutely bored off my ass watching it.

Also you'd be surprised just how many people -who were accepted into a university- ask, "Idiot box? I don't get it."

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