Technically, this log constitutes only stuff I did today, but I fell that I should make special mention of this day last week. Yet another game of cricket, and another good game. Last week's match was against Willaura. My team got absolutely tanked, my bowling being no exception, so that they ended up with 120 after 20 overs and, miraculously, 170 after 40. My job when batting was to just kick around and waste overs. Being the defensive wall I am, this was easy. I lasted 10 overs while my partners crumbled around me and scored 4 in the process.

Another good game happened this week. In scorching heat (above 35 degrees C), we were one man short at the scheduled starting time of 1 pm. Worst of all, it was our captain. The idea was for the substitute to just win the toss and bat. Which, somehow, happened. We batted first, and the captain rocked up 20 minutes later.

Our opening pair did their job (kick around, take the shine off the ball, and score some runs while at it). Then our next batsman, and the next, and the next. They each scored double figures and stayed in... I was beginning to wonder if I'd get a bat. Thankfully, 3 overs before the end, I did, batting with Beano (see my other daylogs). I tried to keep him on strike for the rest of the overs, but not only was it not easy batting and running in the heat, I got the last two balls of the innings, which I couldn't quite get away, but on the last one Beano called me on for a single. I just got in - the throw was quite wonky.

Tea. I sat in the air-conditioned club room, eating sandwiches and bickies and drinking ice water. Ahh. If only I could do that for the rest of the afternoon.

Halls Gap, our opponents, started quickly and got their score up fast. Our 181 looked like no match. I got a bowl a couple of overs before drinks, and bowled quite well. I didn't get any wickets, but bowled exactly where I wanted to, where I needed to. Also, just before drinks, one of my best friends took the first wicket - I was sitting at shortish fine leg and took the skied ball easily. After drinks, my captain asked me to keep bowling. Thankfully, I had something to aim at - instead of the opening left- and right-handed pair, I now had two right-handed batsmen. The new guy, in particular, was a big fella (albeit with a lot of grunt) and I decided "Right. This guy's going down now. Don't let him settle in."

I tell you what, if my wicket-keeper hadn't been in the wrong spot, I'd have gotten him that next over. I tangled him up in knots on at least 3 of the balls that over. I kept bowling right where I wanted to, and he had had a lot of trouble. Apparently, by my 4th over, his team mates were wondering why the hell he was still in. Ha! If I had had a better field, I would have taken him plus a few more by then. That would have made things really interesting.

I got the guy in my 8th and final over. He skied a catch to (of all people) Beano, who took it easily. Damn was I happy. In any case, I had to be taken off after that over because my age stops me from bowling more than 8 overs in a row, despite having a maximum of ten overs. Bah. Halls Gap started sending in little kids so our guys stuck some of the weaker bowlers on, and gave the kids a run. We eventually lost by 6 wickets and about 8 overs, but I had a damn good final game of the shortened season.

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