Great news; Jessica has a job interview this coming Monday. I was sent an email so I called the first number I had been given back, but got voicemail. I tried the second number and a man's voice answered it which seemed strange since it seemed as if his number would be first and the woman's number was second, but whatever. After a very brief conversation I was told I would be receiving a confirmation email, it said that I needed to bring a hard copy of my resume and that business professional attire was preferred so I went to the mall and bought a jacket that I'm not wild about, but will do if I can't find anything else if I decide to go again tomorrow, and I think that I will.

My major accomplishment today was working on food and meal prep which was a smart move if I get an offer. The company is 45 minutes to an hour away so that's less than ideal, on the other hand, I wanted to move closer to my family anyways, and I may not get the job although when I was on the phone advancement opportunities were mentioned almost right away which I thought was a great sign. Regardless of what happens next I'm super excited. I haven't worked full time in quite a while so that will be a change if I do find a forty an hour a week gig, but I am determined to become more financially independent. 

I have a lot more on my mind, but I'm at my mom's and my step-brother keeps interrupting me, the roads are not great, my car is far from fabulous in the snow, so this is short, but hopefully sweet. A friend of mine works at the Apple store, one of the first things I'm going to do with my first couple of paychecks is invest in a new computer. Not having access to one is making things difficult. The Zip Recruiter app works fairly well for most thing although I'm having trouble with references appearing, but there are still jobs that require a regular computer to apply, or so they claim.

Much love,


P.S. Jill is sick, but went to work anyways. If I do get this job, or another one further away from home, I have no idea how getting her to and from school will work, but I'll cross that bridge when I arrive at it.


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