When I was in high school, a small sushi bar—alas, I have forgotten its name—opened about two blocks from my school. Every now and then, I'd get a California Roll or other such cheap maki for lunch.

One day, as I was bringing my the remains of my cucumber roll back to school to finish eating, I ran into my friend and sushi neophyte Russell in the stairway. I stopped to chat, and he asked me,

"What's that green stuff?"

To which I wisely and generously responded,

"Wasabi. Want some?" as I handed him the whole green lump.

Yes, I know it was mean.

I tried to restrain my laughter as a little volcano formed in his nasal cavity, then began the obligatory apologies.

When I look back on the incident, I suppose I should feel some remorse. But no, I just laugh.

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