A game played with six ordinary dice, which originated in medieval England. The standard version doesn't necessarily involve drinking, but, it doesn't hurt.

Rules of Farkle

  1. Any number can play, but it's more fun with at least 3.
  2. Highest roll of a single die goes first.
  3. Begin your turn by rolling all six dice. Points are scored as follows (this is a typcial scoring pattern; variation does exist!):
    Ones: 100 points each
    Fives: 50 points each
    Three of a kind: Face value * 100 (e.g., 3 twos = 200 points)
    Three ones: 1000 points
    Three pair: 1000 points
    Full straight (1-6): 1000 points
  4. After each throw, you can set aside the dice that count points, and throw the remaining dice.
  5. If all 6 dice count points, you must roll all 6 again.
  6. If in any throw, no points are made, your turn is over and you lose the points you have accumulated so far in that turn. My friend, you have Farkled.
  7. You can quit throwing at any time during your turn. You get to keep the points of that turn only if they are more than 500.
  8. Once a player reaches 10,000 points, the other players each get one more roll (not a whole turn). The person with the highest score wins.
So, the next time you hear someone say "Oh, farkle", you will know what they are talking about!

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