This is a counter-gambit in chess that black can use to neutralize a King's Gambit. Black offers one of his pawns up and hopes to free up his pieces and queen.

1. e4   e5
2. f4   d5 
normally continues
3. exd5 e4.

And if you try it the other way . . .

3. fxe5 Qh4+ 
4. g3 (the only other option is moving your King which goes into a simple mating pattern)
4. ... Qe4+ (and the rook is gone)

The Falkbeer Counter-Gambit is as active and complicated as a straight forward King's Gambit only black is trying to take the tempo and catch white off guard. This is an opening where you should sit on your hands and think things through because it is full of traps. Here is an example of white taking the queen out and attacking to early and dropping the ball.

White bringing out Queen early, instead of developing properly, and blows it.

1. e4   e5
2. f4   d5
3. exd5 Qxd5
4. Nc3  Qd8 (black retreats back to safety)
5. Qe2 (it protects the f pawn and threatens a check)
5. ...  c6
6. Qxe5+ Be7
7. Qxg7 (Since the bishop is out of the way white thinks the rook is her/his)
7. ...  Bf6
8. Qg3  Bh4 (Blacks bishop, supported by a queen, pins whites queen to the king) 

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