Overseen by Distractor: Dean of Whup-Ass Canning Techniques as a part of Yossarian's School of Badassary.

The faculty awards Bachelor's Degrees (BWa), Master's degrees (MWa) and professional certificates (MCWA and WAA+) to a wide range of candidates who wish to enhance their Badass skills with techniques from modern manufacturing.


Year 1
WA100 - Whup-Ass: From Clay Vessel to Can
A survey of the development of Whup-Ass techniques, from early Roman attempts to contain Whup-Ass within clay amphoras to current canning processes.

Year 2
WA201 - Manufacturing Processes - Introduction
Current techniques for the sanitary containment and packaging of Whup-Ass. Emphasis will be given to assembly line production models.

Year 3
WA301 - The Films and Television Career of Adam Sandler
This multi-disciplinary survey examines the impact of Adam Sandler on the Whup-Ass Canning Industry. Special focus on The Waterboy as societal trope.

WA302 - Why a Can?
What separates regular badasses from those who are willing to break out a can? What is the lid? What is the container? What is within? This examination of the post-modern condition as it relates to Whup-Ass Canning and Manufacturing Processes examines the notion of border town and post-authority relativism.

Year 4
WA400 - Break Out A Fresh Can!
Bachelor's candidates leave the realm of theory for some deep-dish ass-kickin'. Learn when a fresh can is required and when one that is merely 'best before' will suffice. Evaluation based on peer-reviewed essay and cage match.

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