Take the old gameshow known as "The Gong Show", remove the celebs, add a cheesy host, his cheesy assistant (who is, from what I understand gay), and a phone line that would alow you to get some REALLY BAD act Gong'ed.... And what do you have? Extreme Gong!, this HORRID show funded by the people at Sony makes the original look like a masterpiece.

Lets start with the basics; In a regular show about 5 acts will preform. If a status indicator reaches a certain point on the dislike side, said act will be gonged, and will promptly removed from the stage. In order for an act to get gonged, YOU (the audience) need to call a 1-900 number, which will costs you about a buck to call. You can also dial another 1-900 number if you do like the act, but thats rare - I've never seen an act I liked that much.

Think it's bad already? Theres more, their gong lady is always wearing next to nothing, and is - for lack of a better expression a bimbo. They also pick on just about every minority known to the human culture in the warmup (Well at least I cant say there bias). I really hated it when they picked on a local midget they found - painting a midget silver and roasting him over a spick IS NOT FUNNY. Disgusting bastards.

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