In my experience through 10 years of schooling, I have had two types of extraordinary teachers. (types, not teachers, mind you).

The first type of the teacher is the one where you walk into the room and you immediatly get the idea that you will do your work, and do good work, or get your heart served to you on a platter. They establish the fact that they are not your friends, will never be your friends although they may treat you nicely when you are through with they class, but you will either accept the knowledge they wish to give you of have it forced down your throat with you kicking and screaming all the way. While this may sound frightening, and in some cases it most certainly is, it is a great way to learn. I have come out of those classes with often a new perspective on life, much greater knowledge, and a sincere respect for that particular teacher and how their harsh ways helped me better myself.

The second type of teacher is the teacher who does pretty much the exact opposite. This type of teacher tries to befriend you, and, in most cases does. They are cool without so desperatly trying to be as multitudes of teachers do. They treat you like an adult and expect no less of you, without even saying they are going to treat you like an adult. The end result? The class acts like adults. They learn like adults. You learn nearly as much as you do under a hard teacher, but it is effortless. Aside from that, lasting relationships with this kind of teacher may be built. As you can obviously tell, while I do adore both types of teachers, and the former probably has greater respect from me, it is the latter type of teacher mentioned whom I enjoy the most.

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