Lightwave-exported OBJ/ Wavefront objects tend to have normals reversed when they are re-imported into other programs (particularly Metacreations Carrara and Poser. The easiest fix for this is to flip the normals in Lightwave before exporting. Alternatively, if the import function of the program in question will allow flipping of normals during the import process, you may use that option.

The same problem sometimes applies to Lightwave-exported 3DS/3D Studio objects and may apply to DXF exports as well. In addition, Lightwave usually misinterprets items coming the other way, so it is a good idea to flip your normals after importing into Lightwave as well.

Note: I realize that Metacreations no longer owns either of these products--Poser is now owned by Curious Labs and Carrara is supposedly going to join the Adobe family--however, these companies have not yet released new versions of the software packages in question.

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