*Overheard in the Chatterbox*
is this another one of those nodeshells that shoulda been left that way?
Oh geez, sure looks like it.

Well, it wasn't, but thats because Everything needs to take a serious look at itself. A little self-parody and irreverence is good, but if thats the only thing this culture has, then Everything2 is as shallow and self-abosrbed as all those Cheerleaders and Jocks we (on the most part) claim to hate(Well, ok, a lot of the guys don't hate the cheerleaders, but you know what I mean). First, let's take a look at your average joe blow node, say, for example, hackers, a term many people here use to describe themselves.
I quote, so you can save the time of clicking: (person) by aolwatch

Hackers originally meant coders, but clueless reporters broadened the term to mean people who break into under-protected systems like AOL.

Now, who thought that was funny? *dead silence*
Umm, ok, maybe factual? Oh wait, no it's not. It's actually rather opinionated, but that's ok as long as it's original... which it isn't. Oops. It doesn't make almost anyone stop and think, it doesn't spark conversation (well, maybe if you desperate, but that is usually just griping), and it doesn't help anyone doing, say, a report on hackers, like giving the history of hacking or notable hackers. And this is what everything2 is made of? Where we can't even decently talk about who we are? I seriously mean no offense to aolwatch, if he/she is reading this, because it is very common. I do it all the time too, and so do you. Yet what was that write-ups score? A 2. And there were no objective nodes on hacker at either point, and several vague, conflicting definitions of the word. Voting these up is sado masochistic, because it only gives us self confidence when we write chicken shit. These examples are common enough, but worse is the bitter cloth in which we enshroud ourselves, of settling for this mediocracy of ideas, which, although never stated here, is the essence of a hacker. Our best writing often talk about this, I know my most popular ones sure do: The Day the EDB ate himself, about an apparent glitch in the system. People loved it! My second most popular surely must touch on something more profound... no, never mind, it's the frickin' Everything Mailing Address Registry, where I don't even put my address, only say a slightly humorous comment. My low scores? Yes, some of them deserve what they got, or lower. But one of them spoke out on the obsession with sex that was rampant on everything2 for while... (see Everything Theory 69). Admittedly, it's not decent and probably should have been downvoted. I've got xp coming out the bagoozle anyways. The point is, nobody apparently cared if everything was decaying. Factual nodes, too, also often get the shaft, while poorly done book reviews will get upvoted, see almost any major author, and most will be one sided and simply mad rants. You've heard it all before, so now I will leave you with the whip and cuffs and one question:

Do you enjoy beating yourself, or would you rather use your power for a positive end? (Corny Music Comes in bringing a spirit of optimism and hope)

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