One day, e2 will finally get it's own extensible protocol and we can write our own clients (that day is coming, right?). When that day arrives someone will have to write a 3d client.

The world could be represented in different ways, depending on the users preferences and computing power. Say, a medieval world for one person, a futuristic 3 dimensional space for others, a modern city for some. Themes taken to an extreme.

The users could be actually represented by characters within the system, with varying skins/models/sounds associated with them. Users could have a HUD(skinnable of course) that would have the nodelets on it.

The chatterbox could become an actual room, where people who want to chat can sit and watch some sort of eye candy. Or, they could continue noding and use an IRC-like window on their HUD to chat with.

Nodes could be represented in many ways. As ideas floating around in space, trees in a forest, items on shelves, or lily pads on a pond. There are so many possibilities. Nodes could be grouped together in the world according to topic or some other aspect.

Links could be represented by lines that stem out from the object representing the node. Maybe roots from a tree, or some sort of wormhole thing in a futuristic theme. Soft links and hard links could be represented differently.

There could be areas in the space devoted to certain things, say a playground or something for the new users (like me), where they could be tutored by more experienced users. The aforementioned chatterbox room could exist. People could have home nodes tailored to their liking where they could sit in some sort of familiar environment within the system to compose new nodes.

Building home nodes and maybe even actual nodes could be expanded to take advantage of the new representation. Additions, such as textures and maybe themed moods chosen by the authour. Users could gain more options as they progress through the levels.

Unfortunately, these are still just ideas. Sigh. Some day, perhaps some or all of this will be a reality. I'll stop daydreaming now.

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