It has been raining all day. Raining all day in Washington, D.C. My home. Tomorrow there will be protests and since I work near the World Bank, I will work from home. I will work from home and watch the protests on television.

I just walked the dog in a cold downpour and my hair is wet and my ears feel like they have been swimming. Across the street, I saw Natasha at the bus stop. Natasha used to work at the Safeway where Scoresby and I shop. She is much younger than me, but seems older because she has this sadness about her. We became grocery store friends. We'd go to her line and talk to her while she checked us out. She would ask about Scoresby if it was just me or about me if it was just Scoresby. She always told me she liked my t-shirts.

Then once she told me she had a dream about me. It was weird, but kinda nice. Nice that a stranger/grocery store friend would have a dream about you. She said in the dream, she and I were shopping. This made sense, considering where we met. She quit the Safeway last week, so now we just see her on the street. I want to become real friends with her, but don't want to seem creepy. But she just seems so nice and so normal and I feel this weird pull from her. Like we have known each other before or should know each other now. Like a Krzysztof Kieslowski film or something. So, I saw her through the rain and we waved and smiled. That is what we do in my city. Wave and smile, wishing we could know people more. I look up at the Washington Monument, all bright and pointy and think, "Every town needs an Eiffel Tower tonight. Every town gets an Eiffel Tower tonight."

Everyone's sleeping under one tonight.

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