We'd eaten the world's cheapest bagels with peanut butter for breakfast, crouching in the wet grass at the stoners' camp. Back at our camp, on flatter ground, surrounded by laughter that actually sprang from funny things, i felt more coherent and happy.

One of the fantastic things about the variety of "camping" that you do with the car parked right next to the tents is that you don't have to wory about the weight of your supplies. So it was not unfeasible for us to have a coconut, and a bag of oranges, and a hammer at our disposal. So for lunch, this was what we surprised our friends with:

A fresh coconut (see how to buy a coconut and how to break a coconut)
Oranges, juicy and ripe
Dried cranberries (the sweetened kind that people call craisins)
Lemon juice
We broke the coconut with the hammer, and employed the big mean bowie knife to liberate the meat from the shell. The oranges were peeled while i cut the coconut into little pieces with the swiss army knife, and tossed it all together, testing and tasting. The colors were fantastic, and Fred, the camp gourmet, declared it "eventful." I was well pleased.

There's nothing I like better, he said later, than hanging out with people who appreciate food.

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