Eve Solal was born in 1978. She lives in Paris and works as a waitress in a bar. She is also a model for fashion magazines and she runs a radio program. You can see her in a short movie on her Web site (http://www.evesolal.com). You can even check out her resume. There is only one little difference between her and other girls: she is not real.

Eve Solal is a digital character created by a French software company. The quality of the 3D animation in her movie is very good. She really moves like a real person. They also invented her personality, her tastes, her biography, her ID card. "She" has an agent and tries to make a career in movies, television or music.

Of course she's not ugly. Eve's not a freak like Lara Croft, and her life and personality have nothing extraordinary. And she doesn't make politics like Jackie Strike. Maybe we'll see her on E2 one day.

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